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Damian McCarthy | Expert Employment Law Advocate

After attaining his Law degree, supported by a subsequent Masters in Employment Law, Damian McCarthy enjoyed a successful 18 year career as a Barrister. Earning a strong reputation for his uncompromising and tough approach, Damian McCarthy found himself increasingly in demand to represent clients in high profile cases against a range of large corporate organisations.

Damian McCarthyThese weighty caseloads often necessitate the input of a whole legal team to ensure success. Since Barristers are not permitted by law to hire other lawyers, they are limited in the scope of cases they can take on. Damian McCarthy ceased his Barrister activity in favour of practicing as and Employment Law Advocate. In this way, Damian McCarthy is now able to engage support and legal staff, and other employment lawyers to assist him in preparing for cases. The result is a far superior service to Damian McCarthy’s clients.

Perhaps Damian McCarthy’s most visible and high profile client to-date was his representation of Moira Stuart in her case against the BBC. After allegedly losing regular slots on top BBC shows as a result of age discrimination, Damian McCarthy was hired to assist. The case was concluded when Damian McCarthy helped secure a significant result for Moira Stuart, and succeeded in raising the profile of age and sex discrimination cases across the country.

On the other side, Damian McCarthy has proved he is equally adept at representing an employer.  When bank HBOS found themselves subject to an extensive claim of sexual harassment from firm manager Haley Tansey, they brought in Damian McCarthy to prepare their defence.  Over a 3 week period Damian McCarthy successfully defended against each challenge raised by Tansey’s solicitor.  Damian McCarthy won the case for HBOS.

In a further case, Damian McCarthy masterminded a win for 8 trade union members against FMC. This was a complex and protracted case involving Human Rights Law in addition to standard Employment Law issues. After securing a substantial payout against FMC for his clients, Damian McCarthy went on to defend a subsequent appeal.

It is clear from these, and many other cases, that Damian McCarthy is an extremely competent and able Employment Law Advocate. His attention to detail and wide knowledge of the law in this field make Damian McCarthy a formidable adversary for employees and organisations alike. Clients of Damian McCarthy know that in engaging his services, they are truly maximising their chances of success.

Damian McCarthy | Free Advice

Damian McCarthy believes so strongly in everyone having access to justice that he offers comprehensive advice on his website; the most important piece of advice being -”appointing the right employment lawyer.”

Damian McCarthy points out that there are a large number of law firms available to clients and most of them claim to be specialists, but not all of them are quite as good as they make themselves out to be.  Damian McCarthy lists a number of ways that people can filter out the ‘wannabes’ from the true specialists.

For instance, Damian McCarthy indicates that lawyers dealing exclusively with employment law should be a client’s first choice.  Employment law is a complex area of law which is also fast moving and a lawyer who only deals with these cases now and again is hardly likely to offer the best representation.  Damian McCarthy also suggests that a lawyer who deals exclusively in employment law should also have at least 10 years’ experience to offer good representation, providing a client’s budget is sufficient.

Experience in employment law is not quite the same as experience at an Employment Tribunal, so Damian McCarthy urges clients to find out how many cases a lawyer has represented at a tribunal to find out whether they will be the best option for them. Damian McCarthy reckons that the best employment lawyers will have had experience in representing between 50 and 100 clients at Employment Tribunals.  The fees that different lawyers charge vary quite a bit and Damian McCarthy suggests that the maximum fee a client should agree to should depend on the relative experience of the lawyer, with the maximum for an inexperienced lawyer being £100 plus VAT an hour and for a high profile, very experienced lawyer being in the region of £275-360 plus VAT an hour, both quoted rates are without VAT.

Damian McCarthyDamian McCarthy attended the University of Warwick where he received an LLB Hons and also the University of Leicester where he qualified with an LLM, Masters in Employment Law.  Damian McCarthy specialises in employment law and has had some fantastic results in many high profile cases.

Damian McCarthy is also the founder and the owner of Serial-Litigants.com